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Hello everyone,


We hope you are all healthy, safe and enjoying the time spent with your families.


As promised we would do our best to keep everyone posted on the status of Express Basketball for the summer session for 2020.  As we continue to monitor the Covid-19  landscape it becomes more and more evident that this summer AAU Basketball session will not be feasible,  as facilities are yet to open up for full capacity practices and social distancing is still highly recommended by the CDC and local and regional government agencies.  Also this week the NCAA extended the live recruiting dead period to at least August 1st.  We have always taken pride in what we offer our players in their development and having high quality frequent practices are a huge piece of that development “The magic happens in practice”.  In this current situation we don’t feel any club or situation can offer a truly value added experience based on the safety guidelines that are recommended.  It is very disappointing to all of us at Express Basketball that this summer season will not take place,  but as we’ve stated from the start, we are most concerned for the health and well being of our players, families and coaches. 


It would be our intent to offer a fall session for the younger teams this coming fall  if there is interest from those groups and the Covid situation allows.   




If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  We do also have a BOAT LOAD of tryout tee shirts if someone would like to purchase one!!!!   



Thank you for continuing your support of the program and look forward to seeing you all soon.





Jason and Doug

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